Gameday is better with Genie

Unleash more entertainment with Genie

Connect to DIRECTV On Demand

Access thousands of DIRECTV On Demand titles with Genie and a broadband Internet connection.5

Rewind/restart shows

See shows up to 72 hours after they aired, even if you forgot to record them.6

Discover new shows

Get new show recommendations based on the ones you already love to watch with Genie Recommends.7

Store more shows

1 terabyte of storage space is enough to store up to 200 hours of HD content.8 No more playing musical chairs with your recordings.

Customize how you record

Set Genie to record a single episode, only new episodes or all airings of your favorite shows.

Search for shows 2 weeks in advance

Browse the on-screen guide and select shows to record up to 2 weeks before they air.

Get Genie included with your DIRECTV package

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